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Commercial loan product for dental practices launched

April 26, 2013
IBC Bank leverages in-house expert to provide customized financing solutions.
LAREDO, Texas--IBC Bank offers customized financing solutions for dental practices through its Dental Finance Group. The new product was developed in collaboration with IBC Bank-Oklahoma Senior Vice President Andy Levinson, who has helped his wife with her dental practice for nearly five years. Levinson’s understanding of the challenges dentists face today includes firsthand knowledge of equipment costs, staffing issues, and marketing.
“IBC Bank’s Dental Finance Group is uniquely competitive in that we provide up to 100% financing and make credit decisions based on cash flow instead of a practice’s underlying assets,” Levinson said. “We have the financial resources to help individuals reach their dreams, whether that involves expanding, updating, or relocating their practices.” Other IBC Bank Dental Finance Group benefits include customized loan payment structures and terms, available working capital, the ability to deposit checks right from the office, nationally competitive merchant service rates on debit and credit card payments through First Data, and life, disability, property, and casualty coverage available through IBC Insurance. Additional information is available at www.IBCDentalFinancing.com. “IBC Bank’s Dental Finance Group truly understands what it takes to run a successful dental practice,” International Bancshares Corporation Chairman Dennis Nixon said. "This new commercial loan product is another way ‘We Do More’ to provide customized financial solutions for our valued customers."

For more information, visit www.ibc.com.

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