The UOR Investment

May 30, 2008
The Director of RDH eVillage offers a ROI strategy for investing in your future through the attendance of the RDH Under One Roof conference.

Since the RDH eVillage is a virtual newsletter, I tend to spend more time communicating with you in my Director's Message, in e-mails, or (sometimes) over the phone than I do communicating with you in person. So the cool thing for me about RDH One Roof Chicago 2008 is meeting face-to-face with all of those who are part of the RDH eVillage community, — you, our readers, and also many of the writers, advertisers, partners, and colleagues.

At the same time, I recognize that such big-group-hug stuff only goes so far. For most of you, it comes down to something decidedly less ... well, touchy feely. In truth, it comes down to numbers: Even in the flushest of times, it's a challenge to justify professional development costs like attending a conference or seminar.

Fear not. I have pulled together a ROI formula and I have compared it to drive-through coffee. On our way to our dental practices, many of us swing by a drive-through and purchase something. I am summarizing our treats as coffee. (Why? Because it is run through my veins most of the time). Yet, you're an imaginative bunch. So take the liberty and substitute hot chocolate, ice coffee — do I dare say diet cola tea, or whatever gets you moving throughout the day.

So if I guesstimate each of my drive-through visits cost at a minimum of $3.00, then I can calculate how I can save and use that extra savings for UOR.

For example, the tuition is $295.00. Divide by 21 (available CE credit hours) and that works out to $14 a credit hour or 42 coffees. So if I make coffee at home and bring it to work for only one month, UOR is paid for.

You see where I'm going. Many of us need to navigate our financial budgets in order to reap the regards of three days with colleagues, friends, and new acquaintances. It may not be without obstacles, yet we can choose to allow ourselves, or give ourselves permission to invest in ourselves. Being a predominately female profession, we are often pulled in a variety of ways, and our needs and wants end up on the bottom of the list. So plug in your own numbers or swap out your "extras" to help you quantify the benefits, tangible and intangible, of UOR 2008 attendance.

Some feedback directly from past "hesitant to attend" hygienists indicate they were all ecstatic that they made the investment. They rearranged the schedules of other factors in their lives and committed to their personal and professional growth.

Being the person you were meant to be is a process of change. My wish is that you allow yourself the opportunity. And if you think that it is impossible to attend, ask yourself, "What would it take to feel more empowered and professionally satisfied in 2008?"

For more information about RDH Under One Roof, click here.

See you soon!

Kristine A. Hodsdon RDH, BS
Director, RDH eVillage