Sikka, TransWorld

Aug. 2, 2011
Pair plan to help accelerate cash flow for dental market.

SANTA ROSA and MILPITAS, California--Transworld Systems, an accounts receivable and cash flow management provider to dental practitioners, and Sikka Software, a provider of business analytics and optimization products, have partnered to provide dentists with a new service called GreenFlag Dental Collect.

The service is designed to accelerate receivables recovery, increase cash flow, and maximize profit for dental practices. GreenFlag Dental Collect includes Sikka Software's Practice Monitor to enable one-click access for dental offices to submit patient accounts for billing follow-up and collections with solutions provided by Transworld Systems.

The service has provided successful results for dental practices.

"Since working with the GreenFlag Dental Collect service, we have had great results in our collections efforts," said Bonnie Weinstein, office administrator for Dr. M.W. Allen. "The patients are responding to the statements sent by Transworld Systems. It also allows for better control of our accounts receivable with less time invested."

Added Barney Zeng, senior vice president and general manager of Transworld Systems: "Transworld Systems is committed to providing dentists with superior cash flow management solutions that are convenient, and enable increased efficiency and higher productivity so dentists can focus on their patients. Sikka Software's real time optimization products complement Transworld Systems' standing in the dental community. Working together, Sikka and Transworld can offer better value than working with dental practices individually with combined efficiency and effectiveness in managing receivables."

Sikka launches beta service

According to Vijay Sikka, CEO and president of Sikka Software, "Sikka will provide the GreenFlag Dental Collect toolbar built on the Sikka Practice Monitor platform to Transworld Systems' dentists by providing an easy way to manage profit recovery, accounts receivable, and collections via a very simple process. This is a further validation of our powerful information integration solution enabling us to become a significant platform and valuable service provider in the dental industry."

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