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CareCredit CD

Nov. 29, 2011
"Examine and Diagnose Your Financial Systems," an educational audio CD, features Lisa Philp, president of Transitions Group.
COSTA MESA, California--CareCredit offers a free educational audio CD, "Examine and Diagnose Your Financial Systems."The CD features Lisa Philp, president, Transitions Group, an exclusive partner of Benco Dental. Philp is a published author, speaker, and has coached more than 1,200 dental teams. She is a certified effectiveness trainer, Certified Facilitator in Integrity Selling, a Certified Management Consultant, and a speaker who shares her passion for dentistry combined with practical solutions. During this informative audio program, Philp discusses how--within the 44 systems at work within the practice-- the financial system is arguably the most important. “The financial systems are the key systems that drive collections, which contribute to the revenue engine of the practice. Every business must have revenue in excess of expenses,” explained Philp. “Ultimately, if a dental team does not get paid for the dentistry they perform, there is no viable business.” From phone call to fabulous ... how to get those big casesPhilp also details the components of an effective financial system, and explains how dental teams can diagnose and fix inefficiencies within the system, starting with the practice’s written financial policy. She also provides techniques that make discussing money with patients easier, proven case acceptance techniques, and key benchmarks that indicate failure in the financial system.Practices that offer CareCredit can request a copy of the audio CD by contacting their practice development team at (800) 859-9975, option 1, then 6. Practices that have yet to add CareCredit as a payment option can call (800) 300-3046, ext. 4519 to request a complimentary copy.For more information, go to comment on this product, go to