Benco Dental chooses Comshare, Inc.

Nov. 18, 2002
Comshare MPC(TM) software will help facilitate decision-making at the $225 million company.

Comshare, Inc., has announced that Benco Dental Co., a full service dental distributor, chose Comshare MPC(TM) software for corporate performance management (CPM), to facilitate decision-making at the $225 million company. The Comshare CPM system replaces a manually intensive, poorly integrated system of spreadsheets at Benco and gives Benco managers the means to communicate a clear direction and course of action to the organization.

"Comshare MPC enables Benco to effectively collect and distribute critical financial data, communicate policy, and drive performance throughout the organization," said Ralph Hromisin, Benco CFO. "The financial dashboard will allow management to be more proactive in its role. The ability for the management team to drill into detail and generate its own reports decreases the burden on the internal staff and increases accuracy in the sales, reporting, and forecasting processes. Sales forecasting and actual-to-budget analysis are key functions of the new system."

"I am excited about using this system for strategic planning and ad hoc analysis," said Lynn Bachstein, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, Benco. "We were impressed with Comshare MPC's flexible and intuitive interface, integrated design, and web delivery. About 60 of our users across the United States will use Comshare MPC, emphasizing expense budgeting and shortening budget cycle times."

Comshare MPC uses Microsoft's business intelligence (BI) platform to centralize the company's key information. The old spreadsheet-based system had limited end-user functionality that made it difficult to make budget modifications.