Smile Reminder unveils new line of Xtend Platform features

Nov. 30, 2009
Patient communication service rolls out six external communication and patient acquisition tools at 2009 Greater New York Dental Meeting.

LEHI, Utah--Patient communication service, Smile Reminder, will unveil a new line of Extend Platform tools at the 2009 Greater New York Dental Meeting.

Encompassing a total of six external communication and patient acquisition tools, the Extend Platform should provide dental practices with relevant and effective outreach solutions.

The Extend Platform will allow dental practices to modernize patient and prospect outreach through the following features:

* Practice analytics gives dentists insight into the financial performance of the daily practice by providing reliable reporting on monthly and daily production numbers, production sources, accounts receivable, new patient inquiries, most productive procedures, and more.

* Patient mapping yool provides geographic positioning of a dental practice's patient database and highlighting of recently acquired patients, helping to eliminate the guesswork when determining where patients actually come from.

* Google local listings help dental practices boost their regional online presence. Smile Reminder's Extend Platform assists with images, videos, reviews, and keyword optimization to bring a practice's Google local listing to the next level.

* ZubuMail optimizes prospect outreach by creating effective, targeted, and customized direct mail campaigns.

* Social networking yool helps dentists extend and share their practices through the communities of Facebook and Twitter to increase online visibility by posting updates and communications to the online communities from a single interface.

* Smile Reminder video is an in-office video capability that captures patient testimonials and instantly uploads them to video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Videos, and Yahoo! Video. This helps result in increased online visibility, searchability, personalization, and targeted outreach to patient prospects.

"The Xtend Platform is one of our most exciting features to date," said Jim Higgins, Smile Reminder founder and CEO. "The Xtend Platform provides the dental industry with strategically driven technology that is intended to give dentists information not previously available about their practice and leverage it with new tools to acquire and maintain patients."

Designed specifically to increase the efficiency and profitability of dental offices nationwide, Smile Reminder's Xtend Platform allows dentists to boost revenue by bringing in new patients and maintaining current ones from virtually anywhere in the world.

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