Guide pins introduced

April 9, 2007
Portfolio of diamond rotary instruments are designed for exact and non-traumatic crown restoration positioning.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA, a leader in the production of precision rotary instruments for the dental industry, has introduced its Pin-Diamond portfolio of diamond rotary instruments.

The instruments are designed for exact and non-traumatic restoration positioning. Featuring guide pins that act as "horizontal and vertical distance keepers" to prevent excessive preparation, the Pin-Diamond instruments guarantee a controlled, homogeneous shoulder preparation with a defined, uniform cutting depth.

KOMET's Pin-Diamonds enable the practitioner to place the restoration margin in a non-traumatic method, without damaging the periodontal tissue. This exact shoulder preparation is due in part to a two dimensional preparation based on a horizontal support aided by the guide pin, and a vertical support resulting from the prepared shoulder at the same time.

KOMET offers the choice of two guide pin lengths to facilitate a completely controlled preparation, even under adverse conditions. The shorter guide pin is used for aesthetical preparations and profound defects. The longer version is recommended for large differences in height and for work in areas with poor visibility.

For more information about KOMT USA and Pin-Diamonds, contact the company at (800) 208-1630, or via the Internet at KOMET USA.