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Introducing your new office manager

Oct. 28, 2013
Introducing any new team member to your dental practice is easy. However, doing so effectively and with someone in this authoritative position is the challenge.

By Matt Bynum, DDS
October 28, 2013

Introducing any new team member to your dental practice is easy. However, doing so effectively and with someone in this authoritative position is the challenge. There is the "surprise" method, where you do nothing but hire this person and he/she springs out from behind the computer to say hello! While this often works at parties, I wouldn't recommend it for your dental practice. Instead, consider these three alternatives as a means for proper introduction:

1. Letter of introduction
While this still seems to be a method used today, it carries with it a nostalgic feel and effectiveness. A letter is considered a formal introduction, but it leaves a lot of questions lingering within the unwritten words. Yes, he/she can be introduced display their past work history and resume for all to see, but what value does a letter really serve? How much real value can be placed within the context of a letter? Letters are great for dismissals, but not so much for acquiring or retaining patients.

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2. Electronic newsletter
Welcome to the currentstate-of-the-art practice communication. Many practices today are using some sort of appointment reminder software or programs. Why not use the tools inside them to communicate such an event to your patients? After all, the technology is sound. They can use digital images so that your practice can also see this new office manager and size up their smile and personality that you are surely going to highlight within the newsletter. Use every photo opportunity you have and relay the friendliness and helpfulness that he/she is willing to use with each and every patient out there!

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3. Personal introduction
The best way to introduce anyone of value and importance to your prospective patients and loved ones within your practice is face to face! When bringing in such an important member of your team – the person who is your voice within the practice and who often times serves as the face of your practice – I can think of no better introduction than a party. Why not have an event thanking everyone in your dental practice for their help, and showing that you want to put faces with names and allow personal interaction between your patients and your new office manager? Make this a celebration of sorts and create a gracious environment to surround the event, but make sure the overriding reason you gather is to introduce your new team member to everyone you can.

In the end, it is personal taste that wins out in the introduction process. I would encourage you to consider the style that best fits the feel of the practice. Whichever method you choose, make sure you take every advantage of the opportunity to showcase your new office manager and your practice to everyone you can!

Matt Bynum, DDS lectures internationally on various aspects of esthetic and reconstructive dentistry, practice management, personal and practice motivation, and team building and has published numerous articles on these subjects. He is a member of the South Carolina Dental Association, American Dental Association (ADA), International Academy of Comprehensive Aesthetics (IACA) and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). He is the Co-Author of the highly anticipated personal and practice development book The Boomerang Effect for Dental Professionals. Dr. Bynum maintains a full-time private practice in Simpsonville, S.C. emphasizing esthetic and restorative dentistry. For books or other product information go to He can be reached at [email protected].