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Celebrity Big Brother shakeup over ... tooth pain?

Jan. 11, 2017
Producers didn't believe rapper Ray J when he complained about tooth pain while filming the reality show Celebrity Big Brother. Turns out it was the real deal.
Meg Kaiser, Associate Editor
Celebrity Big Brother 19 is in full swing, and the current controversy revolves around severe tooth pain, and the "housemate" who is no longer part of the show due to that crippling pain.

Rapper Ray J was finally admitted to the hospital following several days of complaining about his unbearable tooth pain. Reports say the producers didn’t pay attention to his complaints during filming, (which can actually be understandable given the amount of drama on the reality series).

Turns out the pain was the real deal and then some. When eight painkillers administered by a visiting dentist to the set didn’t do the job, and Ray J woke up the next day with even more pain, the producers finally agreed to take him to the hospital. Reports reveal he even blacked out on the trip the hospital, where he was treated for an abscessed tooth, a cracked filling in another tooth, and a severe gum issue.

The medical event cost him his spot on Celebrity Big Brother. Conflicting reports say he was both fired and he qiut. And in reality show drama fashion, the rapper is asking for a handsome compensation or he’ll “tell all” about his experience on the show.

Here’s the full report from TMZ. Also, Google “Ray J Celebrity Big Brother” for dozens of articles about the latest Celebrity Big Brother controversy.

According to the Sun, Ray J was released from the hospital this morning. Our advice to avoid future episodes of crippling mouth pain? Take care of your mouth and visit your dentist regularly, Ray J!

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