Salary survey bundle 2011

Feb. 10, 2012
Dental hygiene salary survey in 2011

RDH magazine and RDH eVillage combined forces to conduct a salary survey for dental hygienists in 2011. Four of the related articles appeared during the fall months of 2011 in RDH eVillage. The fifth article appeared in the January 2012 issue of RDH magazine.

All five articles can be viewed at the links below.

Part 1

The first part focused on the overall statistics for the entire country.

Part 2

The second part offered state-by-state breakdown of salaries and benefits.

Part 3

The third part discussed dental hygiene salaries and benefits in metropolitan areas.

Part 4

The fourth part analyzed the annual income of full-time hygienists.

Part 5

The original survey allowed readers to comment on salary trends in their area.

Best states to be a dental hygienist

Some of the statistics in the salary survey served a role in the development of a ranking titled, "Best states to be a dental hygienist in 2012." To view that article, click here.