Before the pandemic, Captain Supertooth could perform interactive dental education shows at Oklahoma elementary schools, as shown here. (Courtesy of Delta Dental of Oklahoma)

This superhero talks teeth and motivates kids

Feb. 2, 2021
Who's Captain Supertooth? A superhero who helps kids understand the importance of caring for their teeth. Kids and parents love him, especially during this time of homeschooling.

“What could motivate kids to brush their teeth more than a one-on-one interactive visit with a dental health superhero?” asks Terrisa Singleton, director of the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation. Probably not much more, and that’s what Delta Dental of Oklahoma was banking on when it instituted the Captain Supertooth program.

Since dental health education for children is critical, and virtual learning and the pandemic are preventing many people from making time for crucial dental exams, the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation got creative to ensure dental health remains a priority.

To combat dental health issues and help parents and teachers by using remote learning options, the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation launched a new, free Captain Supertooth virtual visit program to help parents and teachers make dental health education part of their classroom curriculum, whether physical or virtual.

A 2020 oral health study in Oklahoma revealed 66% of third graders in the state have treated or untreated tooth decay, and only 49% of them ages 1 to 20 have received a preventive dental care. This is cause for concern, as oral health is a window to overall health.

“Many parents are facing the unprecedented challenge of educating their children at home part- or full-time,” said Singleton. “We created the virtual visit program to help them infuse their at-home classroom with dental health education that’s fun and effective.”

Captain Supertooth teaches children the importance of maintaining their dental health with information and tips about brushing, flossing, eating healthy, and visiting the dentist. After a visit, a care package is sent to each student containing two children’s toothbrushes, two adult toothbrushes, a brush chart, and a cling for their bathroom mirror that reminds them to brush and floss daily.

Operated and funded entirely by the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation, Captain Supertooth has visited students at elementary schools across Oklahoma for more than 20 years. Using a giant toothbrush, fun props, and volunteers from the audience, the Captain presents a lively 30-minute program inspiring kids to become superheroes to their teeth.

A few other states offer a Captain Supertooth program, including Delta Dental of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Parents and teachers of pre-K through third grade children in Oklahoma can book a virtual visit via a secure Zoom meeting at For more information, visit