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Dental assistants recognition: When penny-wise is very wise

March 1, 2005
Prophylaxis - $75. Full-mouth set of x-rays - $85. One-surface composite filling - $100. Qualified and loyal dental assistant - Priceless.
ADAA President Kristy S. Borquez CDA, RDAEF, FADAA
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  • Prophylaxis - $75
  • Full-mouth set of x-rays - $85
  • One-surface composite filling - $100
  • Qualified and loyal dental assistant - Priceless
A question for dentists everywhere: Is your dental assistant worth an extra 30 or 40¢ per day? I am very confident that the answer is yes. This amount reflects the daily cost for a dental assistant to be a member of the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) as well as their local and state societies. I would be surprised if each and every dentist reading this magazine and this article is not a member of his or her state dental association. I know that you all understand the importance of belonging to your professional organization.

My remarks in DE&M are generally aimed exclusively at dental assistants, but this time I want to talk to dentists and assistants both. A recent survey discovered that members of the ADAA stay with their employers for an average of 15 years. There is a loyalty and professionalism that comes from being a member of the ADAA. The ADAA is the recognized voice of dental assistants in the United States. For over 80 years it has continued to promote excellence in service and education among its members. A few of the membership benefits include

  • Professional liability insurance
  • A subscription to the national journal The Dental Assistant
  • Discounts on continuing education courses
  • Opportunity to interact with dental assistants on local, state and national levels
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Free CE in the Journal

This year, Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW) was celebrated March 6-12, with the theme ”Delivering Excellence Throughout the World” which recognizes professionalism at home plus the contribution being made by ADAA’s more than 2000 U.S. Army dental assistants. The week has been designated by the ADAA, the ADA, along with the Canadian Dental Assistants Association and the Canadian Dental Association, as the perfect time to acknowledge and recognize that versatile, multitalented member of the dental team - the Dental Assistant.

In honor of this celebration, the ADAA offered a $20 discount off of “new” membership dues during the month of March, and this month we will go one step further in offering DE&M readers a special discount of $100 flat rate national and local dues when you download our membership application and mark it DE&M Discount and return it by April 15, 2005. My employer made membership in the ADAA part of my benefits package over 30 years ago. He recognizes the importance of my participation in the association and the loyalty that I have towards our dental practice. I urge all dentists to consider providing membership in the ADAA as an employee benefit to your dental assistants. And to all assistants reading this, if your employer has not offered you this benefit, why not ask him or her to do just that. It’s a reasonable and proper request for any professional to make.

Doctor, whether you see it as a yearly, weekly or monthly cost or just 30 to 40¢ per day, we dental assistants are worth that and much, much more. The special discount to $100 brings the daily cost down to only 27¢ per day. What a deal! Please visit our website at: to download a new member application today.

Recognition through ADAA membership is a high ranking employee benefit that comes with a very reasonable price tag. And it’s a benefit not only to the employee but to the practice itself when the employee is involved in personal, professional development and ultimately to the patient being served by a competent, contented team.

News of What’s New:

There are so many new educational opportunities for dental assistants in 2005, and many of them come in convenient home study packages from the ADAA. While they are available to all, they come with deep discounts for those holding ADAA membership ... another good reason to become a member. Listed in the adjoining column are the new and newly revised courses for 2005. To order these courses or a complete course listing, write us, phone us, fax us or e-mail.