AACD Pre-Convention Guide available

Dec. 21, 2001
The publication, which contains full conference information, can be viewed at the revamped official Web site, www.aacdhawaii.com.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) has released the complete Pre-Convention Guide for its 18th Annual Scientific Session online. The publication, which contains full conference information, can be viewed at the revamped official Web site, www.aacdhawaii.com.

Next year will mark the 18th consecutive year that the AACD has hosted the world's largest conference dedicated specifically to advancing the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. From May 7-12, 2002, the world of cosmetic dentistry will convene in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii when the AACD takes cosmetic dentistry From Solo to Symphony.

From Solo to Symphony will focus on the interdisciplinary future of cosmetic dentistry. Today, multiple professions, from cosmetic dentists to dental laboratory technicians, and from dental assistants to dental hygienists, contribute their talents to fine smile design. In 2002, the AACD will offer more integrated courses than ever before in order to prepare attendees for the challenges ahead!

"In Hawaii, the AACD will exhibit how it will lead cosmetic dentistry into the future," commented AACD President Dr. Arthur Chal of Phoenix, Ariz. "We have merged educational courses focused on the multiple disciplines involved in modern-day dentistry with general sessions that will help attendees succeed not only in their private practices, but in all aspects of their lives."

Opening General Sessions -- Unique to From Solo to Symphony

In addition to courses geared for clinical excellence in cosmetic dentistry, the AACD will offer excellent opportunities for self-improvement in all aspects of life. For the second consecutive year, each day of the conference will begin with an Opening General Session aimed at giving attendees insight into some of our greatest challenges. These one-of-a-kind chances for advanced learning are not available at any other dental conference! The world-renowned speakers scheduled to join the AACD include:

Boris Brott -- Playing Together

Mr. Brott draws analogies between performance in an orchestra and performance in business; the juxtaposition of teamwork and leadership; the need for creativity within a framework; the two-stage process of musical creation and performance; the joy of communication; and the achievement of success.

Connie Podesta, MS, LPC -- Life Would Be Easy If It Weren't For Other People

Connie focuses on the key traits important to every successful, healthy relationship: trust, commitment, integrity, cooperation, communication, character, and respect, while emphasizing the impact of our personal life and choices upon our professional success.

The Passing Zone -- You've Heard of Keynote Speakers, But Keynote Jugglers?

The best keynote speakers springboard your imagination, expand your perception, and open new doors to possibility. Jon Wee and Owen Morse do it in ways that you have to see to believe. Catch all the laughter, terror, and grace of The Chainsaw Ballet through the dynamic power of their performance!

Captain Gerald L. Coffee, USN (RET.) -- Beyond Survival

Captain Coffee draws from 28 years as a Naval Officer and pilot, seven of which he spent as a P.O.W. in North Vietnam, to impart a life-changing message of faith in yourself, each another, your country, and God. Through empathy and humor, his message reminds listeners to strive for perspective, balance, and gratitude in their daily lives.

Over 75 Hands-On Workshops

In response to overwhelming demand, the AACD will offer more corporate workshops and limited attendance courses at its 18th Annual Scientific Session than ever before. Over 75 hands-on learning opportunities represent yet another example of how the AACD continues to set the standard of excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Register for these courses soon, as space if limited and they are sure to fill up quickly!

For more information regarding the AACD's 18th Annual Scientific Session in Honolulu, Hawaii from May 7-12, 2002, please visit www.aacdhawaii.com . This site features all of the important information about the session, including updated listings of speakers scheduled to present, registration materials, travel tips, and current updates.