Full-coverage crowns offer maximum coverage, minimum invasion

Oct. 5, 2006
LUMINEERS crowns eliminate the need for chamfers and shoulder preps.

Den-Mat Corporation, the manufacturer of revolutionary LUMINEERS BY CERINATE, has developed LUMINEERS 360°, a minimally invasive full-coverage crown.

LUMINEERS crowns help preserve tooth structure with no irritation. In addition, LUMINEERS 360° full-coverage crowns eliminate the need for chamfers and shoulder preps. In many cases, LUMINEERS 360° crowns do not require any anesthetic because dentin removal is avoided.

LUMINEERS 360° is made from patented Cerinate porcelain, a uniquely durable formulation of pressed feldspathic porcelain that gives dentists the strength of pressed and the beauty of feldspathic.

LUMINEERS 360° offers dentists one of the most efficient and esthetic tools for conservative dentistry. Since the process is so conservative, the discomfort usually felt after a traditional crown procedure is often eliminated.

Whether re-shaping acid-worn and severely fractured teeth or creating a straighter, more uniform smile, revolutionary LUMINEERS 360° full-cover crowns are the most minimally invasive crown available. LUMINEERS 360° is also ideal for small, narrow teeth.

In addition, normal occlusion and non-bruxer patients are also excellent candidates. By dramatically transforming a smile in the most minimally invasive way, LUMINEERS 360° are the only crowns that preserve and protect natural teeth whenever possible.

LUMINEERS 360° crowns require only 20 to 30 percent coronal reduction, which is a significant contrast to the 63 to 73 percent removal needed for a traditional full coverage crown or PFM.

The usual shoulder prep by the gumline is eliminated with LUMINEERS 360° and is significantly less in the other two pertinent areas, which saves chairside time.

No "hook" is necessary to rest the porcelain and there is no need to stagger the placement. Also, there is no packing of the cord, eliminating the resulting of soft tissue trauma. All that is needed is 4x magnification and fine diamonds.

"With cases that require crowns rather than veneers, I find that LUMINEERS 360° provides the best possible option," stated David F. Ouellet, DDS, a cosmetic dentist based in Santa Maria, Calif. "Even in the most severe cases, they are the most minimally invasive and painless way to dramatically improve a smile."

LUMINEERS 360° full-cover crowns by Cerinate are a product of Santa Maria-based Den-Mat Corporation.

For more information or a complimentary consultation with Cerinate Smile Design Studios, contact (800) 481-3758 or visit www.lumineersdds.com.