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Data Bites: Comprehensive care, an often-missed opportunity

Aug. 3, 2015
According to Dr. Roger Levin, not performing an annual comprehensive examination is a missed opportunity for your patients and your practice alike.
Less than two-thirds of general practices (63.2%) perform an annual comprehensive exam, according to a recent survey by the Levin Group Data Center. This is a missed opportunity not only for providing optimal oral health care but also for increasing practice production. After all, caries and other dental conditions can’t be treated until they’re properly diagnosed.

An annual exam for every patient should be the standard for dental practices. In the medical field, it’s recommended that people receive an annual physical. That same principle should apply to dentistry.

By providing all patients a comprehensive exam every year, you will be able to: (1) detect problems earlier, (2) monitor periodontal health, (3) discuss their oral health goals, (4) and address immediate and long-term dental conditions. Your patients come to your office to receive the best care possible––an annual comprehensive exam should be included as part of that care.

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