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An interactive history of dentistry from the year 700

July 7, 2015
The whole area of dentistry actually spans back further than many people realize. People through the ages have realized the importance of keeping their mouths healthy. This interactive history shows dentistry through the years.

Did you know that in 1530, the first book devoted to dentistry, “Little Medicinal Book for all Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities of the Teeth,” was published in Germany?

Did you know that in 1400, a series of Royal Decrees in France prohibited lay barbers from practicing surgical procedures except bleeding, cupping, leeching, and extracting teeth?

Jumping ahead to 1760, John Baker emigrated from England to set up the first dental practice in the United States, while Isaac Greenwood practiced as the first native-born American dentist starting about the same time.

This and many more interesting historical facts about dentistry can be found in the interactive website, StoryMap from Study Medicine Europe (S.M.E.).

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“The whole area of dentistry actually spans back further than many people realize,” said the creator, Aris Grigoriou. "Oral health and functioning teeth are an important factor in overall health, therefore people have always seen the importance in taking care of their teeth.”

As part of the S.M.E., Grigoriou acknowledges that studying to become a dentist today takes many years as students need to learn the basics of medicine and prescribing drugs, as well as the whole nature of dentistry and what’s involved in promoting good oral health. Having a historial backgound of dentistry can make the learning process even more interesting.

Today and as dentistry continues to grow, “it also expands into orthodontics, which is a more specialized area that covers improper bites and crooked teeth,” Grigoriou said. “In recent years we’ve seen huge increases in the popularity of cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery as people focus more on the esthetics of their teeth and perfecting their smile.

This StoryMap from Study Medicine Europe charts the interesting history of dentistry on an interactive timeline. Learn about the origins of the discipline and how it has evolved over time. As part of his work as Student Recruitment Manager of S.M.E. in the UK, Grigoriou creates content in the area of dentistry and medicine, including this Story Map.

Study Medicine Europe is a UK based organization that places students from around the world into reputable and affordable third level courses in dentistry and medicine. The organization regularly creates content in the areas of dentistry and medicine.