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Brasseler USA introduces refreshed brand identity

April 8, 2015
New look unveiled at special event during the 2015 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting

New look unveiled at special event during the 2015 Chicago Midwinter meeting

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (February 26, 2015) — Brasseler USA has introduced a new branding initiative to be implemented in 2015. The company unveiled components of its recent efforts, such as a refreshed logo, at a reception held for members of the media at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting (CMW).

Though the updated brand identity will be gradually introduced, Brasseler had noticeable changes at CMW that reflected the new approach, including a newly designed tradeshow booth and updated marketing materials.

Brasseler will retain its tagline, “By Your Side,” in its brand identity. “Our tagline has been refined to broaden its meaning,” said President and CEO of Brasseler USA Don Waters at the CMW reception. “‘By Your Side’ reflects our passion to support dentists in delivering predictable and consistent clinical results.”

Waters added, “Through collaboration with key opinion leaders recognized for their expertise, Brasseler USA develops innovative products which provide solutions and thereby enhance clinical practice. Our consultative, direct-sales approach means that Brasseler USA is by the dentists’ side. We are committed to remain ‘by your side’ for many years to come.”

Brassler has had noteworthy innovations since entering the dental marketplace almost 40 years ago, such as its unique direct-sales approach. Founder Peter Brasseler felt that the best way to assure clinicians received the products and ongoing service they deserved was to have his products only sold direct.

“Peter Brasseler believed that the most meaningful path to success was to develop strong relationships with key opinion leaders recognized for their expertise who actually use the products in practice,” stated Waters. “To bring these products to market, Peter established a direct-sales model where Brasseler USA sales consultants sell only Brasseler USA-branded products. Each member of our sales team has in-depth knowledge of dental procedures and the products needed to provide predictable results. Remember, Brasseler USA products are only available through Brasseler USA sales representatives.”

Brasseler is also known for its focus on instrumentation. The company works to anticipate market needs, especially around modern materials, and design and create precise instrumentation supporting minimally-invasive dental procedures.

“Our recent branding efforts were initiated to reinvigorate the classic Brasseler USA brand that dental professionals know and trust,” concluded Waters. “Our fundamental philosophy and practice of working to support and elevate clinical practice remains the same. Our customers value quality and precision in their instruments to deliver excellent oral health care to their patients. Brasseler USA is, and always has been, proud to be ‘by your side’ as a true partner in professional success.”