Data bites: The wrong way to start the day

Most dental offices don't start their days with a morning meeting. See what Roger P. Levin, DDS, thinks they're missing out on in this edition of Data Bites from the Levin Group.

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Less than two-thirds of dentists hold a regular morning meeting, according to the latest research from the Levin Group Data Center. This number should be much higher, in my opinion.

The morning meeting, or what I prefer to call the Daily Business Meeting, should be the standard way for dental practices to begin each day.

Communication matters, especially in the health-care field. For dental practices, successful patient care requires effective communication on the part of the doctor and the team.

With only 63% of offices holding a morning meeting, many practices—more than a third—are starting off the day poorly. An effective Daily Business Meeting keeps the entire team on the “same page,” which is a must for superior clinical care and customer service.

High-performance practices use every business tool at their disposal to foster greater success. If you’re not holding regular morning meetings, you’re missing a critical opportunity to improve your practice.

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