Start the New Year Right With Smiles for Success

Jan. 1, 2004
Last year was a wonderful one for Smiles for Success.

Last year was a wonderful one for Smiles for Success. During 2003, volunteer dentists from across the country treated patients in need. We're growing, and we want to continue to grow.

Are you unfamiliar with Smiles for Success? Here's an overview of the program ...

Formed in 1995 by a group of American Association of Women Dentists members, Smiles for Success assists women in transition from welfare to work, who cannot afford the cost of dental care. For them, facing a job interview may mean self-consciousness, embarrassment, and pain as they attempt to hide decayed, missing, and damaged teeth.

Smiles For Success offers free dental care to women graduates of accredited job readiness and placement programs or other community-based agencies, religious institutions, or rehabilitative systems. While restoring oral health and a pretty smile, Smiles For Success gives participants a competitive edge in the job market by enhancing their appearance and self-assurance.

The dentist volunteers her/his time and service, and lab costs are covered by the Smiles for Success Foundation.

Want to get involved? Call the Smiles for Success office at (800) 920-2293 for an application, and we'll match you with a woman in need.

Thank you to all of the volunteer dentists who make a difference in these women's lives. You are an inspiration to us all.

Want to learn how to become a volunteer dentist with Smiles for Success?
Call the Smiles for Success office at (800) 920-2293.