Essential reference for recruiters released

Aug. 10, 2005
Delta Medical Consulting issues the most updated version of the Physician Recruiting Standard.

Delta Medical Consulting has released the most updated version of the Physician Recruiting Standard.

This issue is a compilation of trends in physician recruiting and retention, analysis of the marketplace and relevant data from June 2004 to June 2005.

The Standard is an essential reference for recruiters and Healthcare
administration. It provides the necessary research needed to make informed recruiting decisions.

Maintaining federal compliance with the Stark II laws, recruiters must have access to fair-market data. Delta Medical Consulting has gathered real-time, fair-market values through extensive research and recruiter contributions around the nation.

Research revealed vital trends from the past year. Some interesting
statistics have inspired a deeper look in procurement trends around the country.

Marc Bowles, Vice President of Physician Search, speculates as to why these trends are occurring and provides readers with the material to project future trends.

The Standard is provided by Delta Medical Consulting, a physician staffing and consulting firm headquartered in Dallas. Delta Medical Consulting works in association with in-house physician recruiters and hospital executives in order to supply readers with accurate and current data.