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Oral Cancer Cause (OCC) names Edward Zuckerberg, DDS, advisory board director

Aug. 29, 2016
In his new position, Dr. Edward Zuckerberg will help Oral Cancer Cause promote its mission of early detection and treatment of oral cancer. OCC provides financial and networking assistance to oral cancer patients and their families as they face this difficult time in their lives.

Oral Cancer Cause Inc. (OCC) announces the appointment of Edward J. Zuckerberg, DDS, FAGD, as Director of its Advisory Board. Having worked in dentistry for more than 35 years, Dr. Zuckerberg brings his extensive knowledge of the field and oral cancer to this role.

"We are honored to have someone with Dr. Zuckerberg's expertise and passion join us in bettering the lives of oral cancer patients," said Robin Morrison, who cofounded OCC with Linda Miles. "Through his work, Dr. Zuckerberg has seen the struggles of these individuals and the financial hardships that result from the extensive procedures to treat this devastating disease. His knowledge of oral cancer and genuine concern for patients align with the mission of OCC to provide financial relief and a sense of well-being to patients."

"Dr. Zuckerberg's aptitude and passion will benefit OCC by ensuring that oral cancer patients will receive the necessary treatments and finances needed to recover," said Linda Miles. "Alongside him, our other Advisory Board members, ambassadors, and OCC champions will continue to expand OCC's reach and improve the quality of life for oral cancer patients."

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Edward Zuckerberg, DDS, is pictured with Oral Cancer Awareness
founders Linda Miles, left, and Robin Morrison.

Early detection and treatment of oral cancer, which today claims a life every hour, are vital in turning the tide on increasing mortality rates. Nearly 42,000 individuals are diagnosed each year. OCC strives to raise awareness about these significant statistics and encourage the public to schedule oral cancer exams to increase early diagnoses. OCC also seeks to inform dental professionals on enhancing treatment and diagnosis.

"Throughout my career, I've had to diagnose several patients with oral cancer," said Dr. Zuckerberg. "I fought to provide them with the necessary treatments, and saw firsthand how the financial aspects of the disease severely impacted them. OCC is an incredible opportunity to provide financial and networking assistance to oral cancer patients and their families as they face these difficult times in their lives."

Along with his reputation for quality dentistry, Dr. Zuckerberg is considered a technology pioneer in the profession. Early in his career, he instituted digital radiography, CAD/CAM, and other technologies. In 1986 he added a desktop computer in his office and, by 1996, he had fully networked his home-based office with broadband. His use of technology interested industry leaders, who encouraged him to beta test new technologies, participate in lectures, and publish articles. His son Mark, the founder of Facebook, was inspired at an early age by his father and his work.

Along with treating patients part time in Palo Alto, California, Dr. Zuckerberg now consults with dental practices. He authored a chapter on social media in the ADA's "Practical Guide to Internet Marketing," and continues to educate and inspire professionals and students through his lectures on technology integration, social media marketing, and online reputation management for dentists.

Dr. Zuckerberg is a 1978 Graduate of NYU College of Dentistry and owned a dental practice for over 30 years. During his dental residency at the Brooklyn VA Hospital from 1978 to 1979, Dr. Zuckerberg helped develop the nationwide protocol for head and neck examinations in the VA Dental Service. This work inspired him to make a thorough head and neck examination standard protocol for every patient visit. He is known for his dedication to providing optimal care for each individual patient and incorporating technology to facilitate positive patient outcomes.

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