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AAOSH: Make preventive health-care profitable by 2020

July 15, 2016
The American Academy for Oral-Systemic Health (AAOSH) is a connected, collaborative community of dedicated health care professionals leading the wellness/preventive health-care movement.

The American Academy for Oral-Systemic Health (AAOSH) is a connected, collaborative community of dedicated health care professionals leading the wellness/preventive health-care movement.

Patients profit from preventive health care with better physical health, with reduced financial costs, and with an improved quality of life. For most health-care providers, although we know wellness/prevention is by far the best treatment for our patients, to date it has not been profitable enough to sustain in our practices. So our patients suffer. As a country, the current “treat the disease” health-care system (cardiovascular disease—heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s, respiratory disease, arthritis, sleep apnea, etc.) will bankrupt us. To remain profitable and financially viable, we must “prevent the disease” (self-responsibility, control the bacteria and viruses in our bodies, minimize systemic inflammation, avoid tobacco, proper nutrition, physical activity and posture, manage stress, sleep, etc).

AAOSH Vision: Profitable Preventive Healthcare is the New Norm by 2020

AAOSH Purpose: Empowering Health & Success

AAOSH Values: #C³I²TO! This stands for: #Connected Collaborative Community, Integrity, Innovation, Transparent, Obsessed!

We believe people are inspired more by “why” we practice health care, rather than simply by “what” we do. We enjoy treating patients who, once empowered, take responsibility for their own health—who trust us and are loyal to us as they perceive our increased care for their total well-being. We love what we do because we change lives for the better—We “Empower Health & Success!”

Michael Roizen, MD, is the chair of the Wellness Institute and the chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic. In this 9 minute video, he states “wellness and prevention are the key to saving costs in health care,” rather than the “treat after you get sick” model. He discusses the need to minimize systemic inflammation through good oral health.

Dr. Roizen sees the dental profession as a highly credible army of health-care providers who can lead the wellness/prevention movement in the United States and throughout the world. He foresees dentists, physicians, and all healthcare providers collaborating for the total health of the patient. He tells dentists to first get healthy themselves, and then to help their patients get healthy!

AAOSH empowers you to get:

  • Yourself healthier
  • Your patients healthier
  • Your health-care practice healthier

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The best way to implement profitable preventive oral-systemic health care in your practice is:

  •—go there and join AAOSH as a member—then enjoy incredible information on the website, the AAOSH newsletters, the AAOSH email network, and the AAOSH webinars.
  • Attend the AAOSH Annual Scientific Session—in 2016 it is Sept 16-17, in Orlando, FL. It is best to bring your entire staff with you. It is invaluable to connect with the top oral-systemic educators and providers in the world.
  •—for healthcare providers;—for patients & public. These websites have hundreds of videos all free to you and your patients!
  •—hundreds of oral-systemic articles free to you and your patients!
  • Start implementing what you learn—take specific courses on oral-systemic techniques or procedures you would like to incorporate into your practice.

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JOIN AAOSH NOW and make “Profitable Preventive Healthcare the New Norm by 2020!”

Dr. Mike Milligan graduated first in his class from Southern Illinois University Dental School in 1978. He practices general dentistry full time. He is founder and president of and of He speaks to health-care groups nationwide.

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