Colgate-Palmolive partners with Hispanic Dental Association

June 28, 2013
Two to launch 2013 Oral Health Month campaign.
NEW YORK, New York--Colgate-Palmolive has partnered with the Hispanic Dental Association to launch Colgate’s 2013 Oral Health Month campaign.
Beginning July 1, 2013, this campaign will help educate Hispanic American families about the importance of proper oral care through the 2013 theme, “Unite for a World of Healthy Smiles” (“Únete por un mundo de sonrisas saludables”).

“At Colgate, we care about improving oral health among Hispanic Americans,” said Carla Kelly, general manager, U.S. multicultural marketing, Colgate-Palmolive.

"Our Oral Health Month campaign allows us to promote the practice of healthy oral care habits. By continuing our partnership with the HDA, we are able to leverage our mutual expertise and resources to reach these communities with the encouragement and information they need.”

According to the HDA, nearly 40% of Hispanic adults live with untreated oral disease—nearly double the rate of nonHispanic whites—and twice as many Hispanic children are likely to have untreated cavities, in comparison to non-Hispanic white children.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Minority Health reports that Hispanics have the highest un-insured rates in the U.S., which is often a barrier to scheduling professional dental visits.

In partnership with the HDA, Colgate’s “Oral Health Month” will help reach Hispanic communities by delivering bi-lingual oral health education resources online and by providing free dental screenings to children in need through Colgate’s Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® fleet of mobile dental vans.

On a larger level, consumers will also be encouraged to take charge of their smiles by pledging to practice healthy habits online at or by texting “SONRIE” + your zip code to 24474.

For every pledge submitted during Oral Health Month, a dental clinic in one of the chosen cities nearest the participant will receive $1 worth of Colgate oral care product, for a minimum donation of $5,000 value and a maximum donation of $10,000 value per clinic, up to $80,000 worth of oral care products overall.

“The Hispanic Dental Association is proud to join Colgate in celebrating this year’s Oral Health Month, an annual campaign that supports our organization’s mission to improve oral care among Hispanics,” said Maritza Morell, president, Hispanic Dental Association.

“We are inspired by the enthusiasm of this campaign, and look forward to educating families across the U.S. and to helping our sponsored dental clinics, one pledge at a time.”

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