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StarDental E6 replacement turbine debuts

June 4, 2013
New replacement turbine provides performance at an economical price.

MALVERN, Pennsylvania--DentalEZ Group, a supplier of products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, offers the new StarDental E6 Replacement Turbine.

The StarDental E6 Replacement Turbine is a choice for turbine replacement. “Our customers asked us for an economically priced replacement turbine while still providing the StarDental quality that they have come to know and trust,” remarked Rick Gross, senior product manager for StarDental. “Many times dental professionals will seek less-expensive alternatives, but these alternatives from off-brand models or Internet companies are often not tested to manufacturer standards, and do not offer the service or warranties that a reputable company will provide.”

The StarDental E6 Replacement Turbine is a LubeFree replacement turbine that provides cost and time savings. LubeFree products (including turbines, motors, attachments, and contra-angles) reduce maintenance time and the high cost of repeated lubrication. Moreover, the E6 is designed with durable ceramic bearings.

The StarDental E6 Replacement Turbine carries a six-month warranty.

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