Special CE announcement: Yoga Flow for the Dental Pro!

Oct. 21, 2013
The EDA is pleased to announce the release of their first-ever yoga webinar designed specifically for dental professionals.
Whether you're a bonafide yogi or can barely touch your toes, this hour long webinar will have you on your way to a greater sense of wellbeing. Read how a Dental Hygienist targets holistic health to improve professionals' health

We've all heard the familiar proverb: "Physician, heal thyself." This one most definitely applies to everyone working in dentistry! Whether you are the dentist, hygienist, assistant or front office team member, you're no doubt contorting your body into shapes better suited to Gumby. In this unique webinar, you'll find an easy sequence of yoga postures that helps untangle your body, and your mind. As a wellness-based, green dental office, we know this will make you and your team more productive, less stressed, and more energized, whether this is your first exposure to yoga or you are an experienced practitioner.

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