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3M True Definition Scanner enables simplified dental implant process

April 16, 2013
BIOMET 3i workflow allows dentists to efficiently restore an implant with a custom abutment and crown from a single, digitally-scanned impression

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The dental implant process can now be simplified with the 3M ESPE 3M™ True Definition Scanner. Together with BIOMET 3i, the 3M True Definition Scanner makes it possible for dentists to increase productivity and reduce appointment time for patients receiving dental implants. A simplified, all-digital implant workflow for the 3M True Definition Scanner and the BIOMET 3i BellaTek® Encode® Impression System allows a custom implant abutment and final crown to be designed from just one digital scan, eliminating the traditional impression coping process, and maximizing efficiency and accuracy.

“We know that choice is valuable to dentists, and the 3M True Definition Scanner is designed to give them flexibility in trusted, integrated workflows,” said Dave Frazee, business director, 3M Digital Oral Care, 3M ESPE. “We are happy to add BIOMET 3i as a new Trusted Connection with the 3M True Definition Scanner.”

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A departure from the traditional implant restoration process, the 3M True Definition Scanner and BIOMET 3i system allow the dentist to use a small wand in the patient’s mouth to digitally capture an impression of the dental implant healing abutment. Embedded codes on the surface of the BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment relay the information needed to create the final abutment. With no need for traditional impression material or an impression coping, the process is a fast, comfortable, and patient-friendly way to restore dental implants. The new workflow is available to dentists who use the BIOMET 3i BellaTek Encode Impression System and subscribe to the Advanced Data Plan offered through the 3M™ Connection Center.

In addition to simplifying the implant procedure, the 3M True Definition Scanner can also help dental laboratories digitally create restorations like crowns and bridges to restore missing teeth. A dentist’s best first step to digital dentistry, the 3M True Definition Scanner provides the accuracy needed for predictable clinical outcomes and an open and secure cloud-based platform.

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