Oklahoma Dental Association reaching out to those affected by May 20 tornado

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An update from Moore, Oklahoma ...

Dentists across the city of Moore aren’t answering their phones today because of downed power lines. A massive tornado ripped through the area on Monday, leaving at least 24 dead and more injured. Approximately a mile wide, with winds reaching up to 200 mph, the tornado was on the ground for 40 minutes, flattening entire neighborhoods and school grounds. We spoke with Lynn Means, the executive director of the Oklahoma Dental Association, about what they’re doing to reach out to affected dentists.

“We actually have a grant assistance program established called the Dental Relief and Disaster Program, which exists to provide financial assistance to Oklahoma dentists in their greatest time of need,” she told me early on Tuesday morning. “Since all members of the ODA are also members of the ADA, we’re working with the ADA to identify potential dentists affected by the storms.” Ms. Means asks that dentists across the state help the ODA reach out to affected dentists by helping to identify them.

Currently, the ODA is collecting donations at their headquarters in Oklahoma City, which will be sent to the Red Cross and used for aid in the areas affected by Monday’s tornado. These items include work gloves, bottled water, and hand sanitizer, among the most needed items.

We’ll keep you posted on more from the ODA. Until then, you can contact them at information@okda.org.

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