Win a chance to be on the cover of RDH magazine!

March 31, 2006
Raffle for cover model contributes to fund for dental hygienists who are disaster victims.

Have you ever dreamed about being on the cover of a magazine? How would you like to see yourself or a small group of your friends on the cover of RDH? The August 2006 cover is the grand prize in a raffle organized by dental hygiene members of the online RDH Lister's Relief Fund.

When several members of the Amy RDH Lister's e-mail community suffered serious property damage in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida as a direct result of hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, the need for an ongoing relief fund became clear. More than $18,000 has been raised since Sept. 1, 2005. Much-needed funds are helping four members rebuild their lives.

A nonprofit organization — the RDH Lister's Relief Fund — was created to collect and distribute funds to members facing unexpected catastrophic losses, such as those that result from a natural disaster or life-threatening event.

The more tickets you purchase, the better your chance of being on the cover of the August 2006 issue of RDH. Raffle tickets are available online via this site. You can also purchase tickets by sending a completed donation form along with a check made payable to RDH Lister's Relief Fund. The winner will be notified in mid-May. This is an ideal opportunity to make a charitable donation to help fellow dental hygienists and turn your dream of being a cover model into a reality!

Raffle Tickets

One ticket, $10

Three tickets, $25 ($8.30 per chance)

Eight tickets, $50 ($6.25 per chance)

Fifteen tickets, $75 ($5 per chance)

Twenty-five tickets, $100 ($4 per chance)

One hundred tickets, $250 ($2.50 per chance)

To enter the raffle by mail, please fill out the following form. Please print!


Street address:______________________________________________


Phone number (daytime):_____________________________________

Phone number (evening):________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________________________

Select the number of tickets:

[ ] One $10

[ ] Three $25 ($8.30 per chance)

[ ] Eight $50 ($6.25 per chance)

[ ] Fifteen $75 ($5.00 per chance)

[ ] Twenty-five $100 ($4.00 per chance)

[ ] One hundred $250 ($2.50 per chance)

Mail your check payable to the RDH Lister's Relief Fund.

Send a copy of this form and your check to:

RDH Lister's Relief Fund
c/o Jane Weiner, RDH
7304 NW 58th Court
Tamarac, FL 33321