People to People coordinates program for dental hygienists

March 23, 2007
People to People announces fall 2007 dental hygiene program in Russia and Poland.

People to People Ambassador Programs is coordinating a delegation of dental hygienists who will travel to Russia and Poland from Aug, 24 to Sept. 2, 2007. Delegates will visit various facilities and meet with leaders in oral health. The exchange will include discussions on the Russian and Polish health-care systems, how the educational systems in Russia and Poland are designed to train oral health professionals such as dental hygienists, and public health measures for disease prevention and health promotion in Russia and Poland.

Selected members from the American Dental Hygienists Association were invited to participate on this delegation based on their areas of interest, experience, and expertise in the field of dental hygiene. Selections from the association were made based upon the specific focus of the delegation and certain other criteria, such as geographic location, to gather a broad cross section of invitees. It is our intent to develop a diverse delegation composed of professionals who would prove to be quality ambassadors and who are able to contribute meaningfully to the professional meetings.

The Dental Hygiene Delegation is being led by Margaret Lappan Green, CDA, RDH, MS, 2006/2007 president of the ADHA. Ms. Green is looking forward to sharing this opportunity for professional and personal growth with colleagues from the United States, Russia, and Poland.

"I encourage those in the dental hygiene arena to pursue this rare and exciting opportunity to share their expertise with others," she said. "Delegates can play a role in defining the themes for discussion, and will be able to both share and gain insights through the exchange. This is an opportunity to discuss issues that will be vital not only for Russia and Poland, but also for the rest of Europe, the United States, and the world at-large."

Since People to People Ambassador Programs is a private-citizen effort, delegates are responsible for their own program costs. Delegates often raise funds for their program through employers, sponsorships, scholarships, or other means, and Ambassador Programs has information available on its Web site to assist you in these efforts.

Program details and a registration form are available by calling (877) 787-2000, ext. 8100, or e-mailing [email protected]. More information on People to People Ambassador Programs can be found online at