Wrapped cotton roll improved for greater absorbency

April 2, 2007
University researchers have determined the new Wrapped Cotton Roll to be 28 percent more absorbent than an economy cotton roll.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--Richmond Dental, a leading manufacturer and supplier of single-use dental products and dispensers, has announced availability of its improved Wrapped Cotton Roll.

The new roll offers improved absorbency and patient comfort.

Constructed of a 100 percent cotton core surrounded by 100 percent cotton, non-woven fabric, the enhanced Wrapped Cotton Roll has proven to increase absorbency speed and capacity significantly.

The School of Engineering & Textiles at Philadelphia University recently conducted an independent evaluation of the improved Wrapped Cotton Roll, which specifically assessed the absorbency time and absorptive capacity as compared to an industry economy cotton roll. Using industry-accepted methods, university researchers determined the new Wrapped Cotton Roll to be 28% more absorbent than an economy cotton roll.

In addition, tests proved the Wrapped Cotton Roll absorbed fluids in an average of 2.6 seconds verses 10 minutes for the economy cotton rolls, resulting in a drier field for procedures.

"Much of Richmond Dental's research focuses on testing and constructing the best possible blend of fibers and fabrics in our cotton products, to increase absorbency and thus the quality of care provided by dentists," said David Spinks, Director of Technical Services for Richmond Dental. "As part of our continued commitment to this industry, Richmond Dental will consistently strive to improve the performance of our own products, and the treatment experience for dentists and their patients."

Richmond Dental's new Wrapped Roll is now available and on display at the Richmond Dental booth at various tradeshows nationwide.

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