Patterson Dental raises $300,000

March 3, 2011
Money raised through Grins for a Good Cause breast cancer awareness initiative.

The Patterson Dental initiative Grins for a Good Cause spurred donations of just less than $300,000 to support breast cancer awareness in communities around the country.

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Grins for a Good Cause leverages the strength of Patterson’s nationwide network of 75 local branches and partnerships with local breast cancer organizations to raise funds, heighten exposure to awareness efforts, and help underserved women and families affected by breast cancer.

Patterson Dental Vice President of Marketing, Merchandise Tim Rogan said, “Patterson Dental is proud to join the amazing efforts of people pulling together in our communities to battle breast cancer.”

To lead the way, Patterson’s Greenville (S.C.) branch and dental professionals in the community partnered with the local chapter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to raise more than $23,000 to support breast cancer awareness, education, screening, and treatment services.

Branch fundraising activities included sales of pink breast cancer awareness bracelets and raffle tickets.

"As Patterson employees, we feel it is our responsibility to be involved in the community from a charitable standpoint, as well as professionally,” Greenville branch manager Joey Blalock said. “This commitment to working together and giving back is a reflection of our great people and determination.”

Patterson Dental also made an additional $10,000 corporate donation to Komen for the Cure.

Donations from the ongoing Grins for a Good Cause initiative include a percentage of proceeds from dental products purchased from Patterson’s Grins for a Good Cause flyer, which will be available to dental offices again this fall.

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