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Weber Denture Liner Kit

March 28, 2011
Kit provides a new kind of  "do-it-yourself-at-home" denture liner.
TOMS RIVER, New Jersey--New Weber Denture Liners (Patent Pending.) are designed to answer questions often asked by denture wearers. To read more about dentures, go to dentures.For example: "How can I make my loose denture fit better, give me less mouth pain and more comfort?" An answer to this question might be to use this new denture liner made in the USA by Originals By Weber.Even old loose dentures (false teeth) can be salvaged and made comfortable enough to wear all day. There are six benefits of these liners. They help provide: (1) more comfort, (2) better stability (3) increased support (4) trustworthy retention. (5) ease of use, and (6) a lower price than that charged by a dentist for professional denture re-liners.Weber Denture Liner kits are available in the user's choice of three handy shapes: (1) Preformed as uppers or (2) lowers, or (3) shape-able disks designed to allow users to manually re-shape the liner (with fingers) as needed to solve problems with denture irregularities. Weber's "do-it-yourself-at-home" denture re-liners are soft, require no mixing, and are tasteless and re-usable. They can be rinsed clean under a running water faucet.The liners help give new life to loose and uncomfortable dentures. In addition, these soft denture liners are made to fill the troublesome gaps that form between the denture and the gums. These gaps are often caused by the slow but natural shrinkage of gums and jawbones after natural teeth have been removed. Weber Denture Liners remain soft, flexible, and adjustable at various temperatures. Use of the Liners allow false teeth to be worn comfortably with very good support, increased stability, reliable retention, and with no sore spots or pain.After several months of use, dentures tend to lose their original stability. This happens because there is slow shrinkage of gums and jawbones after natural teeth are removed. This shrinkage gradually causes the rigid denture to become loose. Then, when chewing food, the movement of the denture where it rubs against the gums can cause raw and very painful sores to develop on the gums. Weber Denture Liners can help eliminate the common sore-mouth problem of denture wearers.The Weber Denture Liner kit is a low-cost method of re-lining loose dentures, both uppers and lowers. The soft, moldable, flexible liner material self-adheres to the dry acrylic surface of the denture. The liner can be cut with scissors and then shaped to fit the contours of the denture for a good comfortable fit. Next, the liner is placed on top of the denture using gentle finger pressure. After a liner is positioned on the denture, the user sparingly sprinkles the top surface of the liner with denture adhesive powder. The powder provides increased denture retention where needed and gives added stability and suppor. This helps eliminate denture movement while talking and chewing food.To extend the liner's useful life, it should be washed and rinsed with ordinary tap water once a day. At night, the liner can be removed (peeled off) of the denture, rinsed clean with water, and re-used the next day. Disk shaped liners are soft, flexible, shape-able and approximately two inches in diameter by 1/8-inch thick.Weber Denture Liners are available in three kit sizes: (1) The Regular (WDL- RK-4) kit contains four disk-shaped liners, one bottle of denture adhesive powder, and instructions. at a price of $21.95 plus $3.60 shipping and handling. (2) A Trial kit (WDL-NTK-3) contains one disk-shaped liner, one upper liner, one lower liner, and one bottle of denture adhesive powder and instructions at a price of $15.95 plus $3.60 shipping and handling. (3) Preformed opper or lower denture liners made in choice of uppers or lowers with 10 liners in each pack plus one bottle of denture adhesive powder and instructions at a price of $39.95 plus $3.60 shipping and handling. For more information, call (877) 309-8382, or (732) 874-0353 or visit comment on this subject, go to