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Vident corporate book

March 11, 2011
New guide available in English, Spanish, French, and Korean.
BREA, California--To translate the Vident motto into a demonstration of commitment, Vident has created a corporate culture book that captures the company's core beliefs and values in a new guide. To read more about Vident, go to Vident.The book was created as a foundation for all Vident colleagues of how the company makes its decisions, and serves as a professional compass for employees’ everyday work lives. Moving beyond a mere document, Vident’s Corporate Culture Book functions as a powerful reminder to both Vident’s employees and its customers that they expect to be held to a higher standard. The Culture Book also contains Vident’s main ideals, like Honesty and Integrity, Commitment and Trust, Anticipating Customer Needs, Educational Leadership and more, and has been integrated into every part the company’s culture from managing goals and objectives to distributing monthly rewards and recognition. “As a customer-focused organization that supports valued customers around the globe, it was important for us to create a corporate culture book that allows all Vident colleagues to be on the same page,” explained Fred Ketcho, president of Vident. “With this book, we are all working off the same guidelines and are able to actively demonstrate our devotion to our customers and core beliefs, each and every day.” To access a downloadable PDF of the book, visit and click on Vident Culture Book, or call (800) 828-3839 and Vident will send you a free copy. The book is available in English, Spanish, French and Korean.For more information, go to comment on this topic, go to