ntelimedix brushes up

March 10, 2011
Healthcare informatics company helps payers increase care, decrease cost using key indicator data.

LAKELAND, Florida--Intelimedix, a leader in business intelligence for the health-care insurance industry, has announced an expansion of its Tru:Insights solution to include dental health tracking, reporting, and cost recovery.

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The new offering expands the company’s ability to integrate dental, medical, and pharmacy information reporting in order to respond to health-care payer needs.

According to recent reports from the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services Office of the Actuary, Americans will spend more than $110 billion for dental care this year. More importantly, early treatment of periodontal disease can lower risk and reduce medical costs of three chronic conditions--diabetes, coronary artery disease, and cerebrovascular disease--according to BMC Health Services Research.

For health-care payers, the expansion of Tru:Insights to include dental informatics enables payers to develop more precise predictors of chronic health conditions and further target program enhancements, which will help improve quality of care and reduce costs.

For employers with dental plans, the new Tru:Insights tool integrates dental reporting so that they are better able to track and encourage appropriate use of the benefit while promoting employee engagement and wellness activities.

Tru:Insights dental reporting uses the company’s technology, which speeds through data mining, generates custom reports, and helps improve workflow automation. The technology employs an integrated dental-medical-pharmacy data model to provide timely, customizable dental metrics at a regional and local market level.

“Today 47% of employers nationally offer some form of dental coverage to their employees,” said Intelimedix president and CEO Joel Portice. “This enhancement will give employers and payers the opportunity to more tightly manage this valuable coverage in order to improve quality of care, control costs, and minimize fraud and abuse in claim recovery.”

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