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March 30, 2011
Liptak Dental Services has opened a new franchise location in Palatine, Ill.
PALATINE, Ill.—Liptak Dental Services has opened a new franchise location in Palatine, Ill. To read more about Liptak Dental, go to Liptak Dental.This location, which is owned and operated by Dan Chapman, serves the north side of Chicago and the north and northwest Cook County suburbs.Liptak Dental Services is a technology consulting firm that specializes in computer support, practice management software training, and managing Web presence—exclusively for dental practices. Franchise owner Dan Chapman has 23 years of dental experience, and most recently served as the manager of Schools & Institutions at Hu-Friedy Mfg. This experience has helped Chapman realize some of the challenges that dental offices face with implementing new technology. “The latest dental technology, such as digital X-rays and sophisticated practice management software, has amazing potential to improve the business of dental,” said Chapman. “But the reality is that most offices are struggling to keep pace with it all. There is definitely a lack of training available and a steep learning curve with some of it.”Chapman is channeling his industry experience to help offices get up-to-speed with how computer technology can improve their business. “Most offices really need a server to run their practice effectively, and they need to be doing regular maintenance and backups for their computer network,” continued Chapman.Not only is Chapman seeing a need for computer support and training, but he knows his firm is filling the need for dental-specific support. “You cannot expect your average IT company or Geek Squad to be able to support a dental office adequately,” said Chapman. “The technology is getting too specific and the issue of downtime is too crucial. This is not a situation where businesses can wait a few days until a consultant can schedule a visit. If dentists can’t see patients because their computer is down, they don’t bring in revenue. I have hired senior-level consultants who are thoroughly trained in dental. And I’m making fast service a priority.” Chapman is also encouraging offices to adopt a maintenance plan to address any computer problems before they lead to downtime. Kenny Schwing, the CEO of Liptak Dental Services, explained that each Liptak franchise location receives ongoing education on IT and dental technology."We have a brain trust going on, where we share our success stories and our challenges,” said Schwing. “This really gives us the confidence and knowledge to do what is best for our clients and to make sure each practice spends technology dollars wisely.”Liptak Dental can be reached at (847) 416-4476 or at [email protected]. For more information about Liptak Dental, call (800) 509-0344 or visit comment on this topic, go to