OraSure closing

Aug. 18, 2011
DNA Genotek is a leading provider of oral fluid sample collection, stabilization and preparation products for molecular diagnostic applications.

BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania--OraSure Technologies has announced completion of a previously announced acquisition of DNA Genotek.

DNA Genotek is a leading provider of oral fluid sample collection, stabilization, and preparation products for molecular diagnostic applications, for 50 million Canadian dollars in cash (approximately U.S. $50.7 million at current exchange rates). The acquisition was funded by OraSure with cash on hand.

The acquisition of DNA Genotek strengthens OraSure's leadership in oral fluid diagnostics by providing OraSure with a complementary portfolio of products that enable easy and reliable collection, stabilization, transportation, and storage of high quality nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) samples. These samples can then be used for a range of diagnostic and research applications.

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Based in Ottawa, Canada, DNA Genotek serves more than 3,000 customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, including many top research universities and hospitals in the United States. DNA Genotek's lead product, the OrageneDNA Self-Collection Kit, provides an all-in-one system for the collection, stabilization, transportation and purification of DNA from saliva.

DNA Genotek products are used in the academic research, clinical genetic testing, pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine, animal genetics, and livestock genetics markets. DNA Genotek will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of OraSure.

Further details regarding this transaction can be found in the company's Current Reports on Form 8-K filed July 25, 2011, and August 18, 2011, with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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