HealthScape Advisors

Jan. 31, 2011
Survey focuses on administrative costs and key operational benchmarks of only dental plans.

CHICAGO, Illinois--HealthScape Advisors, a health-care management consulting firm, has announced launch of a dental plan administrative expense survey.

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The survey focuses on administrative costs and key operational benchmarks of only dental plans.

The survey will allow participating dental plans to confidentially benchmark their organization's operating expenses by major functional area against other survey participants by using numerous key evaluation metrics.

Results will be compared and presented against the blinded set of participating organizations to allow for meaningful evaluation of functional areas and major cost elements across other companies of varying size and market focus.

"This survey will provide dental plans with a detailed snapshot of how their administrative performance stacks up against other plans in the market," said Kyle Stern, managing director of HealthScape Advisors. "This information will be a powerful turnkey tool for dental plan leadership teams to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and develop operational strategies to remain competitive in an evolving marketplace."

Dental plans can sign up to participate through Feb. 25, 2011. Summary results will be provided in June 2011 after data from the survey has been collected, assessed, and analyzed. The survey will be conducted with security procedures to guard the privacy of survey participant data.

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