Jan. 3, 2011
Using advanced technology to create high-quality dental lab products quickly and at an affordable price is the mission of

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California--Using advanced technology to create high-quality dental lab products quickly and at an affordable price is the mission of

To read more about lab outsourcing, go to lab outsourcing. is a new full-service dental laboratory that serves dentists and labs within the United States and around the world. was founded in 2010 by president and CEO, Maksym Holovchenko, an entrepreneur with a track record of establishing and managing fast-growing Internet companies.

"My knowledge and experience with technology allows me to bring companies online and take them to new horizons," said Holovchenko. "And we'll use that technological expertise to become a leader in the industry."

"The cost of running a personal dental laboratory is often prohibitive for dentists, but they are also taking a leap of faith when they outsource work to dental lab," Holovchenko added. "They have to trust those extension services to deliver premium products and services, fast turnaround times, and technical accuracy. We use the most up-to-date technologies and materials to supply all of the above at a fraction of what it would cost our clients to perform such work in-house." serves as a dental office resource for restoration materials, custom-made veneers, crowns, or dentures and specialized imaging. Examples of the type of technologies that the laboratory employs are IPS e.max and IPS Empress materials for dental prosthetics and accessories, Captek technology for crowns and bridges, Procera for metal-free crowns and veneers, and CAD and CAM techniques to produce prosthetics.

Dentists and labs can create an online account at the Web site and log in to that account any time to make inquiries, place orders, and check on the status of their products and services.

If clients need one-on-one assistance,'s support line provides access to customer service representatives with expertise in dental technologies and procedures. In addition, site visitors have access to numerous articles that detail specific aspects of the service, such as Dental Lab Dentures You'll Love and Your Personalized Professional Dental Lab.

"Our aim is to help dentists and clinicians maintain, improve, or expand their services without the hassles encountered with ordinary lab outlets," stated Holovchenko. "And since our operations are based in the United States, our clients can rely on relevant assistance and a quick turnaround with every order."

Added Holovchenko: "We developed our dental services to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs and preferences of a wide variety of dentists; however, we also follow strict procedures and insist on high levels of quality in everything from our materials to our machinery and the technicians who operate our equipment. With this commitment to quality, we can help dentists take full advantage of the opportunities of lab outsourcing."

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