AFLAC voluntary insurance

Jan. 24, 2011
Policy provides choices and benefits for employers and employees.

COLUMBUS, Georgia--Aflac, a provider of voluntary and guaranteed-renewable insurance in the United States, has announced a new voluntary dental insurance policy.

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Aflac Dental looks to offer policyholders more choices with multiple levels of coverage to choose from and bigger benefits ranging from higher annual maximums to enhanced orthodontic coverage. Aflac Dental continues to attempt to make it easier for employers to administer benefits because there are no participation requirements, network restrictions, deductibles, or annual premium reviews. It’s an insurance policy designed to meet the needs of employers in the face of growing employee demand.

“With more and more companies shifting away from employer-paid benefits to voluntary insurance, Aflac Dental is the right benefits solution at the right time for both employers and employees,” said Tom Morey, vice president of Product Development at Aflac. “With Aflac Dental, employers are able to enhance their benefits package at no direct cost to the company while providing valuable dental benefits, a safety net, their employees can rely on when they need it most.”

The new product enhancement features include:

* Annual maximum building benefit: This new benefit increases each covered person’s policy year maximum by $100 after each 12 consecutive months the policy is in force, up to a maximum of $500 per covered person.

* Orthodontic rider benefit: The enhanced rider benefit will pay $500 for the initial orthodontic treatment and then $50 for continuing treatment each month up to 18 months.

* Dependent age extended: The dependent age has been increased to 26.

* Issue age extended: The issue age has been increased to 70.

A recent Aflac study found 33% of consumers are not offered dental plans at work while 86% said employer-offered dental benefits are important to them. Research by LIMRA shows dental insurance is the third most desired benefit after major medical insurance and retirement benefits.

In addition to Aflac Dental, Aflac Group also offers voluntary group dental benefits for companies with as few as 100 employees.

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