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Star Dental 100th

Jan. 7, 2011
2011 marks the 100th year of StarDental product line. 
MALVERN, Pennsylvania--DentalEZ Group, a supplier of products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, has announced that 2011 marks the 100th year of the StarDental product line. To read more about DentalEZ, go to DentalEZ.During the last 100 years, StarDental has introduced many new technologies to the dental community, including the LubeFree handpiece, built-in handpiece light source, and the sonic scaler. The company began in 1911 as a simple operation. Today, as part of the DentalEZ product family, StarDental is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of and reliable handpieces for the dental professional. “We are as committed today as we were 100 years ago on establishing new industry standards for design, quality, and service to the dental industry and profession,” remarked StarDental Senior Product Manager Rick Gross. In the last 100 years, StarDental lays claim to several firsts to the dental industry:➢ 1973: Fiberoptic High-Speed Handpiece: It was the first handpiece to use fiberoptic illumination, allowing dentists to clearly see the oral cavity through the cooling mist of high-speed drilling.➢ 1979: The Sonic Scaler: A clinically proven design that effectively removes hard calculus deposits and stains. This scaler uses a controlled water spray and a patented scaling tip design that’s gentle to patients and reduces the risk of damage to hard and soft tissue.➢ 1985: LubeFree Low-Speed Handpiece: StarDental’s reliable handpiece created a bond between tooth structure and dental materials by eliminating lubricant on the tooth surface, and also increased operatory efficiency.➢ 1986: Push Button Auto Chuck: This innovation eliminated the need for a wrench when changing diamonds and burs, and enhanced safety by securing diamonds and burs so they would not come loose while the handpiece was in operation.➢ 1991: LubeFree High-Speed Handpiece: This handpiece offered dentists a lubrication-free tool that improved bonding. Its higher speed allowed faster, more precise removal of tooth amalgam material while its low-noise design helped reduce patient anxiety and small head provided improved patient comfort and visual access to the oral cavity.“We are extremely proud of StarDental’s rich and growing history that has served dental professionals for 100 years,” remarked Randy Arner, vice president of marketing for DentalEZ Group. “StarDental was founded on the principles of exceeding customer expectations of quality and delivery while simultaneously improving internal practices. We expect to continue to adhere to these principles during the next 100 years.”For more information on all StarDental products, please call XXX or visit comment on this topic, go to