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Crosstex face masks named

Jan. 26, 2011
Products earn recognition from The Dental Advisor as Preferred Products for 2011.
HAUPPAUGE, New York--Crosstex International, a subsidiary of Cantel Medical and a global provider of infection control and preventive products, has announced that two products have earned recognition from The Dental Advisor as Preferred Products for 2011. To read more about Crosstex, go to Crosstex.Crosstex Ultra Sensitive Face Masks, ASTM High Performance face masks are designed specifically for people withsensitive skin. They are manufactured with a fluid-resistant outer layer and a white, extra-soft, hypoallergeniccellulose inner layer. Materials used are void of inks, dyes and chemicals, and will not lint, tear, or shred.With a Particulate Filtration Efficiency of 99.8% @0.1 micron, Ultra Sensitive masks carry a rating of 5 (out of6) in Crosstex’s MaskEnomics rating system. This system simplifies the selection of a mask with the appropriatefiltration (fluid resistance) level for a particular task.They are designed for procedures where heavy to moderate amounts of fluid, spray, or aerosols are produced and meet the En14683 Rating--Type IIR Standard.“Our Ultra Sensitive masks are popular for their high filtration level and high-quality construction, along with theextra comfort they provide for users with sensitive skin,” said Crosstex Vice President of Sales and Marketing Andrew Whitehead. Crosstex also offers versions of the mask with a No-Fog strip that blocks and absorbs moisture andwith an attached optically clear face shield.Crosstex Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector, a dental treatment accessory, offers improved patient comfort. Traditional saliva ejectors are designed with blunt ends that can lock onto patients’ mucosal tissue and cause discomfort. Crosstex Comfort Plus saliva ejectors feature a patented tip design with rounded edges, smooth surfaces, and suction ports that reduce patient discomfort while helping to optimize fluid removal.“The unique design of Comfort Plus is an example of how Crosstex applies innovative solutions to age-old problems in dentistry,” Whitehead said. “With a saliva ejector that takes in fluid, not tissue, clinicians benefit from a better treatment experience along with greater convenience and efficiency.”According to The Dental Advisor, Preferred Products are chosen based on their high ratings in evaluation by aneditorial board that is made up of more than 250 dental professionals with experience in clinical dentistry, as well as dental research.For more information, contact Crosstex at (631) 582-6777 or visit comment on this topic, go to