Dental Divas

Jan. 20, 2011
Organization blends social and professional networking.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--Dental Divas, a professional organization designed to support the needs of women dentists, has announced the official launch of Dental Divas Online.

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Dental Divas Online is an interactive website enabling members to connect with other dentists in their city and nationwide.

The goal of Dental Divas is to form an online destination for women dentists to share, network, and giveback.

According to trends derived from an ADA study, the dental industry is comprised of 40% women dentists. Yet there are very few options in the form of resources, networking, and support for the challenges that women dentists face.

Dental Divas was formed four years ago by a group of dentists wanting to help each other and fill in this evident gap. Today, Dental Divas continues to offer women dentists the ability to work together on a local level through events in their cities and on a national level at

“Dental Divas is a great blend of social and professional networking,” stated Dr. Dina Giesler, an Atlanta-based general dentist.

“Dental Divas has been an asset to my professional and personal well-being”, commented Dr. Sonia Chopra, a Charlotte-based endodontist. “Having a local network I can trust is important and the online resources allow me to find information when I don’t have time to make a call.” provides members an interactive online platform that includes:

How-To Knowledge: A library of informative, practical articles and webinars covering topics such as marketing and practice development, employee management, finance, practice start-up, technology and equipment and top gear.
Monthly newsletter: Pertinent industry information and tips on acquiring products and services needed to run a practice.

Diva Speak: Peer-to-peer advice and Q&A with members locally or across the U.S in a secure, user-friendly online environment.

Diva Perks: Discounts on products and services used at home and in the office. Perk partners include Total Medical Compliance, the Small Business Authority, Smile Makers, LASIK Plus, and many others that provide more than $3,000 in combined savings.

Find A Member: Advanced member search functionality allowing members to filter by demographics, who share similar interests, who are experts in various dental business topics, and are in similar stages of their careers.

Events: Dental Divas offers organized, local quarterly events for women to meet and share experiences with other dentists in their market.

Job Opportunities: Student and resident doctors can post CVs and find job opportunities

Diva 911: Need help in a pinch? Find maternity leave fill-in, help buying or selling a practice, and temp work.

Trusted Resources: List of credible businesses who have performed well and offer service to the dental community. Why not work with companies your peers trust?

“I appreciated that serves the dental community with forums to learn, educate and exchange ideas with other women dentists at all stages of their careers,” continues Dr. Chopra. “The sharing of information, ideas and thoughts amongst members of this community is invaluable.”

Dentists interested in becoming part of Dental Divas can join today at

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