Nuance award

Nov. 16, 2011
Nuance helps clinicians save time, effort, and money while repairing and filling teeth.

CULVER CITY, California--Philips has announced that the Nuance Universal Composite Syringe, developed by Philips and RKS Design, has been awarded a 2011 Silver International Design Excellence Award.

Considered one of the most preeminent design competitions, the International Design Excellence Awards program--started by the Industrial Society of America more than 30 years ago--fosters business and public understanding about the impact of design excellence on the quality of life and the economy.

Nuance is a dental composite delivery system for performing tooth repairs (anterior or posterior). It combines a light-cured nano-hybrid composite material with a delivery syringe that elevates the user experience with advanced ergonomics, multichannel feedback, and improved environmental appropriateness. This is done while providing precise and measured extrusion of composite material designed to reduce waste and save money.

Nuance is intendedl for numerous applications, including direct restorations of anterior and posterior teeth from cavities, diastema closures, intraoral repairs of fractured crowns and bridges, and a cavity base or liner.

Philips introduces new oral health-care product portfolio

“This award demonstrates our continued commitment to providing innovative, quality products that assist dental professionals in providing patients with natural-looking results,” said Frank McGillin general manager of Philips Oral Healthcare LA.

“The introduction of this revolutionary composite syringe enhances our product line of esthetic dental solutions while offering dental professionals a cost-effective solution that both speeds the restorative process and reduces inventories.”

Nuance was created in an effort to simplify the composite process and offers:

* Ergonomically advanced design, making the syringe comfortable to hold and use while requiring less force than other syringes
* Color-coded shade identification making it fast and easy to find among other products
* Audible and tactile feedback for unit-dose applications so the clinician will hear and feel a click with every half-rotation of the syringe, confirming that 0.1 grams of composite has been dispensed
* Easy-to-see tick marks showing how much composite is remaining in the syringe
* Hinged, flip-top cap that rotates 180 degrees allowing full material access without the risk of misplacing the cap, and keeps contents fresh and protects the syringe from bacterial contaminants and light pollution
* Upright, standing ability allowing for easy visibility and accessibility

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