3M ESPE guarantee

Nov. 7, 2011
Guarantee is designed to warranty the entire Lava restoration.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--3M ESPE has announcea a new peace-of-mind guarantee, designed to warranty the entire Lava restoration.

The guarantee will support 3M ESPE lab partners and participating dentists who prescribe Lava crown and bridge restorations manufactured by Authorized Lava Milling Centers and/or Authorized Lava Design Centers.

The guarantee ensures the entire restoration against fractures or chipping occurring in-vivo for one full year from the date that the Lava restoration was seated, and covers the material cost of a replacement Lava zirconia crown or bridge and the cost of recommended porcelain, effective Oct. 1, 2011, through Sept. 30, 2012.

Dentists can enroll in the peace-of-mind program by contacting 3M ESPE Customer Care at (800) 634-2249 and following the recommended preparation and handling guidelines for Lava restorations.

“With more than 10 years of clinical success in the field, we want this guarantee to show our customers that we stand behind Lava zirconia and believe that it is the best choice for strong and esthetic restorations,” said Mark Gates, vice president of sales and marketing at 3M ESPE. “We encourage dentists and labs alike to take advantage of our unique guarantee and prescribe this material with the utmost confidence.”

Lava zirconia material is processed with a trade-secret formulation designed to help enhance translucency, marginal fit and strength. With mechanical and optical characteristics, the material can be used for a range of indications.

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As experienced dental professionals know, key success factors for the longevity of the veneering of zirconia are the proper design of copings and frameworks, the correct firing protocol for the porcelain and the correct adjustment and repolishing of the restoration intraorally.

3M ESPE understands how these success factors work together to deliver quality, high-performing restorations. Lava zirconia frameworks are designed to optimally support the porcelain layer and are manufactured by trained individuals at Authorized Lava Milling Centers.

3M ESPE’s goal is to provide dentists, labs, and patients with superior oral health care solutions, including high- performance materials now backed by the peace-of-mind guarantee.

For more information, call (800) 634-2249 or visit www.3MESPE.com/LavaPeaceofMind.

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