New healthcare blog allows doctors to post their expertise

Nov. 1, 2011
Innovative new health care blog allows doctors to freely post their expertise, specials, and information for which patients are actively searching.

IRVINE, CA – CareRally, a new blog that empowers patients and doctors to more easily and effectively connect by leveraging the power of today’s social networking tools, is experiencing early marketplace success even while still in the testing phase, CareRally LLC announced.

“As a practicing physician who has communicated with patients via popular social networking sites the past few years, I realized that I needed better tools and capabilities to streamline and enhance my activities and effectively help patients understand how I can help them. That’s what led me to create,” said Kavitha Kotrappa, M.D.

CareRally is a free resource on which doctors can post -- and patients can easily find – new patient specials, educational articles, physician reviews, and expert answers to questions submitted by patients. Whenever a doctor posts helpful information for local patients it becomes its own webpage that highlights the doctor’s practice. The benefit to the doctor dramatically increases from there, as the webpage is then circulated on platforms such as Google, Facebook, PatientFYI, and CareRally, explained Kotrappa.

Even before its official launch, more than 1,000 physicians, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, and other health-care professionals have already registered their practices on and started to post expert information. “I’ve been looking for a way to make local patients aware of my expertise and services, that allows them to easily see friends who are happy patients of mine,” says Anaheim-based dentist, Ramesh Gowda. “CareRally allows me to easily do that, while also helping my practice rank higher in search engines than those of my peers who are not posting on this site.”

In addition to doctors quickly using CareRally’s features, patients are discovering the site and starting to circulate their recommendations among their friends and communities, according to Kotrappa. This is being done in a variety of ways, such as patients sharing doctors’ articles with their friends on Facebook, and voting for the doctors they trust on the Facebook application, “Know a good doctor”?

“Though we are still in BETA testing mode, we are at a point where we want to actively encourage doctors across the country to register their practices at so they can begin to take advantage of the tremendous practice-building potential represented by the site,” said Kotrappa. “In addition to helping doctors grow their practices, we will continue to engage patients so they can vote for the best doctors in their city or town as we strive to build the Internet’s first true friend-to-friend doctor referral database. We are committed to helping patients tap into their friends’ knowledge about local doctors so that local residents can make even better and more informed health care decisions for themselves and their families.”

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