Whip Mix Glidewell

Nov. 10, 2011
Whip Mix and Glidewell announce a new partnership for the dental laboratory industry. 

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky--Whip Mix and Glidewell have announced a new partnership for the dental laboratory industry.

You can contact Whip Mix for the fabrication of BruxZir full contour Zirconia restorations, Inclusive abutments, Inclusive bars, and other Inclusive restorative components.

Said Jim Shuck: “This partnership between our two companies marks the beginning of a great relationship. Whip Mix has always been known as company that will do anything to take care of their dental laboratory customers. We believe dental laboratories will find it advantageous to be able to provide their dentists with the top selling brand of full contour zirconia, BruxZir. Considering the skyrocketing cost of precious metals, it is a perfect time to offer dentists the lower cost option of full zirconia restorations.”

According to Stuart Steinbock: “Working with Glidewell is really exciting for Whip Mix. Glidewell has consistently shown that they bring world class innovation to the dental market through their unique R&D capabilities and real world feedback with the number of cases that they process each day. Both BruxZir and Inclusive product lines are quality products and we are proud to be able to offer both to our customers.”

Whip Mix receives award for international trade excellence

Whip Mix is now one of only two authorized BruxZir milling facilities for laboratories located in the Eastern Time zone. This enables the company to extend service for those labs that need help during those business hours. Additionally, Whip Mix is located adjacent to a major UPS hub, enabling fast shipping.

For more information visit www.whipmix.com.

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