Darby 2011 Rewards

Sept. 2, 2011
Some one-third of dentists in the U.S. have received a Darby Reward.
JERICHO, New York--Darby Dental Supply, a telesales national distributor of dental merchandise, has begun distribution of the 12th edition of the 84-page Darby Rewards Guide. Supporting the 12th Edition Rewards Guide theme of “Some of the Sweetest Things in Life,” the guide has been newly designed with a cover that features a chocolate bar with a “bite” taken out of the candy and the actual Rewards Guide cover. The Rewards Guide is available to Darby customers and dental practices nationwide. Darby customers and their families can select rewards from the Darby Rewards Guide using DarbyPerks obtained simply by ordering the dental and office supplies they need through Darby Dental. Whether Darby customers opt to redeem their DarbyPerks either instantly or save them in their DarbyPerks bank, they have a selection of more than 600 rewards from which to choose. The more the Darby customer spends, the more valuable the reward choices become. Darby customers may select as many reward items as they wish, as long as they have enough DarbyPerks. From a Level One Cuisinart Appliance Ensemble, to a Best-in-Class Royal Caribbean seven-night Mediterranean Cruise, the more dental professionals spend with Darby Dental on products they use every day, the greater the potential for earning a higher-tier reward. Darby is the only dental distributor that offers a seasonal rewards program to provide customers and their families with a selection of name-brand electronics and other incentive items. Darby customers and their families can choose rewards from among the most exciting entertainment brands in the world, including Panasonic, Michael Kors, Apple, Cuisinart, MOVADO, and more. In addition to the many rewards offered, customers also have the option to choose between hundreds of gift card rewards redeemable at well-known retailers, restaurants, airlines, and hotels ... and online! “The Darby Rewards Program is one way that we express thanks and appreciation to our loyal customers and their loved ones,” explained Darby President Gary Rosenberg. “Darby is a very family-oriented company, and we understand that dentists have a life outside the operatory filled with family, friends, and free time. We designed our Reward offerings to communicate to dental professionals that being a dentist has its 'just rewards' for them and their families. That’s why we offer so many choices for everyone--men, women, and children.”Darby Dental Supply continues product line expansionReceive Darby Rewards Program incentives today by taking three simple steps: • Order: Whether purchasing dental or office supplies, orderd placed with Darby Dental Supply helps customers earn DarbyPerks.• Earn: Earn Rewards by reaching a personalized quarterly goal and enjoy discounts along the way. Moreover, earn DarbyPerks instantly with any one qualifying invoice at competitive catalog pricing.• Shop: Customers can redeem DarbyPerks at any time. Darby Rewards updates are automatically sent at the time of purchase, and Rewards statements twice monthly via email. Customers are encouraged to contact a Darby account manager for up-to-the-minute Rewards balances or specials. For details of the Darby Rewards Program, call an account manager or visit www.DarbyDentalRewards.com.For more information, visit www.DarbyDentalSupply.com.To comment on this topic, go to community.pennwelldentalgroup.com/.