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June 22, 2011
PerioBalance Challenge educates consumers on how to improve oral health in just 28 days.

CHICAGO, Illinois--Academy Award nominated actress/screenwriter Nia Vardalos, who has appeared in romantic comedies such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Life In Ruins, is on a mission to make people smile.

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Vardalos is joining forces with GUM Brand, a leader in consumer oral hygiene products, to launch The PerioBalance Challenge. The goal is to educate consumers about the importance of oral health and how a balanced oral environment is essential for healthy teeth and gums and overall wellness.

A co-writer on the upcoming comedy Larry Crowne, starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, Vardalos is headed for the red carpet when the film releases July 1, 201. To prepare, she took The PerioBalance Challenge.

“A healthy smile is an asset when working in TV and film. But oral health is equally important to my family and me,” said Vardalos. “I hope to help others learn how easy it is to have good oral hygiene, by brushing and flossing, as well as simply using GUM PerioBalance.”

GUM PerioBalance, a new daily, dental probiotic in a mint-flavored lozenge, is a probiotic specifically created for oral health. GUM PerioBalance is clinically proven to help reduce plaque, promote healthy teeth and gums in just 28 days, and it fights bad breath. The PerioBalance Challenge will ask consumers to put the product to the test, as Vardalos has done, to see how it can improve gum health and overall oral health in less than a month.

Consumers can get involved in The PerioBalance Challenge by visiting While there, they will learn important tips to help improve overall oral health and hygiene and follow the progress of a small group of bloggers who are taking Vardalos's lead in adopting great oral care habits by participating in The PerioBalance Challenge. Consumers can also find a $5 printable coupon for PerioBalance, available at

“Taking good care of your teeth at every stage of life is a good way to avoid painful toothaches, expensive trips to the dentist and tooth loss in old age,” said Nikki Lockett, senior marketing manager for Sunstar Americas, makers of GUM Brand oral hygiene products.

"But there is another powerful reason to practice good oral health: research indicates that there may be a link between good oral health and overall health. When taken daily, GUM PerioBalance will help promote healthy teeth and gums, reduce plaque, fight bad breath, and most importantly, will provide a natural defense against oral health problems.”

GUM PerioBalance is available in a 28-day pack at retailers including CVS, Rite Aid and Bartell Drugs. The product can also be purchased at the Web store or at the GUM PerioBalance e-store.

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