Flexitime VPS

June 16, 2011
Video and article offer step-by-step demonstration of impression-taking tips for Invisalign patients using one-step, full-arch, light body technique.

SOUTH BEND, Indiana--Flexitime, Heraeus’ VPS precision impression material, has been featured as the material of choice for dentists to use when taking impressions for their Invisalign patients.

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In a recent article featured in a leading dental publication and in a live video stream on YouTube, John C. Schwartz, DDS, offered tips on how to use this putty in combination with a light body wash to create crisp, accurate, one-step impressions.

“The custom putty/wash technique with Flexitime VPS impression material offers potential benefits such as the elimination of custom trays, impression taking in a moist/wet field, increased chairtime efficiency, lower cost impressions and minimized re-takes,” Dr. Schwartz stated in the article.

He later added, “Other beneficial properties of Flexitime are its optimal slump resistance, flowability, wettability, and dimensional stability.”

With more than nine years of market experience, Heraeus’ Flexitime is known for its clinically proven precision and accuracy. It boasts easy, robust, and safe processing, as well as Advanced ThermaSense technology, allowing 2.5 minutes of working time outside the mouth, but a fast set once exposed to intraoral temperatures. The Flexitime line includes Correct Flow, Flexitime Bite, Flexitime Xtreme, and Dynamix.

Dr. Schwartz’ article also offered dental professionals step-by-step instruction on how to use Flexitime to take precise Invisalign impressions, detailing how to select the proper Align tray size and ensure it fits properly in the mouth, how to mix the putty and insert it correctly into the tray, and how to take the impression and remove the tray from the patient’s mouth. The technique featured Flexitime Easy Putty Base and Catalyst and Flexitime Light Flow wash.

In addition to the February article, Dr. Schwartz has also shared this technique in a video, “Invisalign Impression Techniques: One Step: Full Arch Putty and Light Body,” presented through a collaboration of Heraeus and DentalXP. In this live video, Dr. Schwartz demonstrates on a patient how to take an accurate impression using an Align tray (available in small, medium, large, and extra large) and Flexitime putty and wash materials.

To watch this video, visit www.youtube.com/watch. Dr. Schwartz not only guides viewers through each step of the impression-taking process, but also highlights the importance of precision when taking impressions for Invisalign therapy.

“Accurate impressions are the foundation for your patients’ successful treatment outcomes,” Dr. Schwartz said in the video. “Taking the time to ensure quality and consistency in every impression will allow you to achieve the results you and your patients are looking for.”

As demonstrated by Dr. Schwartz in his article and video, the trusted and highly regarded Flexitime line of VPS materials has made Invisalign impression-taking easy and fast.

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