More on the June Proofs cover story on marketing

June 15, 2011

By Kevin Henry
Editor, Proofs

After the June issue of Proofs hit the streets, I had numerous positive comments about our cover story titled, “Picking the minds of two award-winning dental marketers.” In the article (which you can read by clicking here), our readers saw the answers to 10 marketing questions I posed to Tim McGlynn of 3M ESPE and DENTSPLY Caulk’s Nikki Sparacino. They were very helpful and gave some very insightful answers.

One of our readers (@ianpryor) read the June issue of Proofs and posed a follow-up query to me (@kgh23) via Twitter…

“I was interested to hear Nikki talk more about SureFil on social media. One of the few products using that avenue.”

A reader asked a question, and I followed up with Nikki. Below is her response.

“We primarily used Facebook and YouTube. On our YouTube Channel, we loaded every video on the SureFil product that we had. We created more videos for SureFil SDR flow than for any other product we have so YouTube was a great avenue to distribute them. On Facebook, we have more than 600 friends. Every week, we post different updates or news stories about the product. Our main goal is to communicate with our customers and to solicit feedback from a very diverse group of people who range from dental professionals to Dentsply reps. It has been a very cool process because I have met numerous Dentsply employees from across the world through the Facebook page that I might have never met otherwise and have been able to support them in the launch of the product in their markets”

On how social media will influence future product launches…

“We’d like to duplicate SureFil’s SDR flow’s social media success in the future. We also know we have to be careful since we are a public company and regulated by the FDA. We have to watch what is posted on our Facebook page.”

On finding the ROI of the social media success…

“That’s the challenge. How do you draw a direct correlation between the social media activity and the product’s success? That’s what we’re trying to determine, but we are happy with the results from SureFil’s SDR flow’s social media campaign.”